After-school Music Centre - Normand Croft

Normand Croft Community School, Bramber Road, London W14 9PA

Cost: £90 per term

15/06/2017 Thursday 16:00 10 Weeks

Course Info

If you want to learn an instrument then come along and join in - this will be the first step on your musical journey which will lead to the amazing ensembles at the Tri-borough Music Hub's Saturday Music Centres.

We are currently recruiting for Summer term 2017.


Brass, Guitar, Keyboard, Strings, Wind, Drum kit

Time Notes

Ten lessons per term on Thursday's between 16:00-18:00pm

You will be allocated a 30 minute group lesson within this time.

The centre will run for 10 weeks each term, with a break for half term.

Please follow this link to see the full term dates.